Lili Simmons

"I coach with Megan prior to every audition I can.  She just has a way of breaking down a script that no other teacher in this town can do. Could be because she has a Masters in teaching...ya know?! Not only is she an amazing teacher, she's a great person and friend. I don't think I'll ever have another acting coach - Megan's my girl."

Lexi DiBenedetto

“Megan has a way of explaining things. She teaches you how to create a well rounded character, and then trust yourself and free fall. Above all Megan has an amazing spirit and light about her. You can’t help but love her!”

Cameron Gellman

Without question, I am a working actor because of Megan McNulty. She has laid a foundation for me in approaching the work that is grounding, creatively satisfying, healthy, and consistent; I return to it, and to her as often as I can. Her multifaceted artistic abilities pair with her empathy, her dismissal of ego, and her thoughtfulness to make a truly wonderful teacher. To know and study with Meg is a gift.

Holy Lands, The Zookeeper's Wife

Efrat Dor

Megan is a ray of sunshine. I started working with her on my first big international role. Even though I have been working for over a decade in Israel, I felt I needed somebody by my side. She was all that and more. Megan quickly (we only had 2 weeks to prepare!) and thoroughly went through Warner Loughlin's technique with me. I found it refreshingly new, honest and useful. I love it!

Megan thank you so much! Your commitment and love to both the craft and your clients is incredible.

True Detective, Banshee, Ray Dnovan
Grey's Anatomy, Knight Squad
Heathers, 20th Century Women